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We at Fossils London are always doing our best to source fantastic fossils and minerals from around the world.

Sometimes we can do this from the UK and sometimes we have to go a bit further afield. At the end of June, we selflessly caught the Euro-tunnel and took a road-trip to Alsace in France to one of Europe’s biggest (and possibly prettiest)  fossil fairs.


As ever, there were stunning pieces for us to salivate over. Each year there is one type of fossil or mineral that every seller seems to have brought to town. This year it was Lapis Lazuli. It was polished, it was blue, it was EVERYWHERE. Amethyst made top billing too, along with a lot of gentlemen with long  ponytails.


Sadly we couldn’t fit an amethyst as big as the middle piece into our suitcase (or onto the Piccadilly stall..), but we have come back with some great pieces. Some of our favourites include part of a Woolly Mammoth leg , a Mammoth Vertebra and a great selection of fossilised nautilus from Madagascar that we normally struggle to source.

We also got some fabulous minerals, including the biggest piece of fools gold (pyrite) we have ever seen and some Labradorite that has flashes of colour that rival the Northern Lights.


This Mammoth may have been fat, but he was also certainly big-boned. No Mammoths were hurt in the making of this display.



Cretaceous Nautilus from Madagascar. A mere 115 million years old.


As ever, we bought lots of other great and unusual items. We haven’t managed to get these up on the website for you to buy as yet, but you can of course come and find us at Piccadilly Market in the heart of London, Tuesday to Saturday, 10am-6pm.

or you can contact us for more information.