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Photos are for guidance purposes only.

Unless otherwise stated under the photo of the item, the picture does not show the specific item you will be buying. If you prefer contact us before you make a purchase, letting us know the item which interests you. We will happily email you a photograph and the dimensions of the actual item you will be buying.

Because all of our fossils are unique, there will be some variation in the size and colour and shape of each piece, but we do our best to pick out the highest quality items that we have available.

Our photos are the most accurate representation of what you can expect to receive from us, without us having reams of low quality images on the site for you to scroll through.  

Please note that pictures may not be to scale; always check the dimensions in the item' s discription.

Colours are reproduced as accurately as possible, however, as with all photography, there may be some slight variations.

Dimensions are approximate and are the minimum size that you should expect your fossil to be.

We have a much bigger selection of items available in our central London shop than we are able to put on our website. If you've got something in mind that you can't see here, just contact us . We more than likely either have it in stock or can source it very quickly.