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Extra large split ammonite pair

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Probably the most decorative fossil we sell, these ammonites have been cut open to reveal the internal spiral of the shell.
The once hollow chambers of the shell of this extinct marine Cephalopod (something akin to a shell–dwelling squid) have been filled with deposits of calcite, agate and other minerals over millions of years .
Cretaceous, Albian, circa 110 million years old.
From Mahajunga, Madagascar.

Measurements are approximate and the minimum size you should expect your item to be. Price includes a small display stand.

This is an ammonite pair, you will receive both sides of the ammonite.

Extra large: Width 16.5cm Height 14cm Depth 2cm

Exceptional Item Notes

This is a unique item. All photos used are of the item that you will receive.

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